Herpes dating sites had been popular since late 90’s when the Internet become more spreadable and worldwide. With the abilities of Internet, STDs related topics went more viral and less shy to talk about. Many adults suffer from herpes and lack of love life because there was no hope for them, until the appearance of free dating sites. Free dating sites had been expanding well during past years and focused on various and different niches. However we feel like herpes dating sites already become less magnificent and less popular and we are here to find a reason why.

·First reason is obviously quality and quantity of users. With free dating sites the amount of users base might be impressive at first, but there’s high risk that most of profiles are spam, scam or just not active anymore. Talking about quality, free dating sites offers minimum features, mostly only searching and messaging tools with anything outstanding.

·On most of free herpes dating sites there’s no verification system which might be a problem especially when it comes to STDs. Anyone can join, even somebody who would catfish or making jokes about herpes. Profile verification is a must!

·While having herpes you prefer to stay anonymous and show up in proper time, but with lack of security anybody can see your profile and pictures. Secured website, especially when it comes to sexual diseases is highly expected however many free dating sites do not have any secure.

·Free dating sites usually are filled up with advertisement since they need to find a way to make money. It might be disturbing especially for someone who is not familiar with dating site’s interface. Nonstop popping up adverts might be annoying and lead you to delete a profile completely.

·If you are dealing with herpes, usually not only you are looking for partner but for help and advices as well. Some of free dating herpes sites do offer some tips and articles but they are not written well without any expert consultations. What’s more since its free anyone can say a word or two about STDs and some information might be just wrong.

What’s the main purpose of creating herpes dating site then? First of all it’s all about connection, not losing hope and be comfortable with your STDs. If you suffer from any kind of disease you would prefer to meet people with similar problems, people who can understand you. That’s why herpes dating sites are made for. It’s all about community and feeling good about yourself. Acceptation is a most important factor here. Of course there are some webs created only for making money but those sites are mostly enactive anymore or with really tiny users’ base. Herpes dating sites had been created to share and expand opinion about STDs, make people open mind about sexual disease and educate them in proper way. We are kind of sorry and disappointed that free herpes dating sites are become less and less popular and top rated and paid websites are taking over. Having good herpes dating sites for free with huge amount of users, who are willing to help anytime, anywhere would be a big blast for sure.

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