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Hope dating is one of newest dating sites for herpes over the Internet. Established back in 2015 is new but well developed to give best experiences in finding love. Despite of being “newbie” for free herpes dating, this site has a huge potential and we will take a look on this.

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What makes this site so special?
What makes this site special is definitely fresh look and ability to interact with many people with STD. With big users’ data base and unique visitors per day, Hope Dating is definitely the site you might be looking for.

Website Design
▪ Talking about website design it gives some refresh feeling. There’s a bunch of young people smiling in the background to encourage new users to join in. Sign up button is visible in the left upper corner and searching bar is on the right. Down below you can find a list of new and online users and recently added pictures. Beige color background makes calm and peaceful environment.
▪ After sign up, users interface is nice and all features are visible clearly.

▪ Hope isn't like other typical STD dating sites and once you register you will have that feeling too.
▪ Not only features will help you to get in touch with potential partner but also to find help about herpes and STDs.
▪ Searching tool let you find and meet people in your area, even the ones with same herpes experiences. Automated matchmaking function will present a list of people who might be your perfect match, based on information you provided in profile. If you are into more advanced matchmaking game, please download mobile application. This feature shows random pictures of people in your area and if you both like each other, there’s a match!
▪ Exchange virtual gifts are a nice ways for breaking the ice and know somebody better and video chat will bring singles instantly in front of your screen.
▪ If you are more like into blogging and social networking, Hope Dating gives you an ability to create groups and arrange discussions.

We are pleased to inform that Hope Dating is absolutely free to use at the time being. There’s no hidden costs so far and all features are available right every for every user.

Not only Hope Dating is a 100 % free website but it does have corresponding mobile application available for iOS and Android devices. Download and use of application is free as well.

Registration is simple and goes smoothly. You can either sign up by valid e mail or Facebook account. After filling up basic information you are ready to go. Once you register profile on website, you can access mobile application as well.

Safety and Privacy
Hope Dating doesn’t compromise on any safety and privacy aspects and profile doesn’t need to be verified however this is free of charge site so we can’t expect too much. We can ensure that number of spam or scam is really small here.

Customer Service
Talking about customer service there’s detailed FAQ section and some dating/ herpes advices after you log in. As for feedback itself there’s a e mail box to fill up in order to contact support. This site would be more reliable with a given phone number.

Final Verdict
As we mention before Hope Dating is a slightly different from typical herpes dating services. Not only it’s free (which is definitely a huge plus) but packed with many features which just works great. Mobile application works nice too so in our opinion this is a site you have to try while finding somebody similar to you.