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Herpes Anonymous is totally free of charge dating website for people with any kind of STDs who are seeking for real love. Established back in 2008 it offers anonymous environment and could be a good choice to get intimate with somebody. However this site is not that great as is supposed to be. Let’s find out why.

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What makes this site so special?
What could make this site special is the point of anonymous shared opinion and thoughts about herpes. This site seems to be open only for people from USA and Canada. The site claims to have around 8 thousand members and it’s not only dating site but community for people with herpes.

Website Design
Website design is simple. There’s a big joining in button visible in the center of main page. Except this, there’s no other information given. There’s no adverts on main page which is definitely a plus. After sing up user’s interface looks okay.

▪ All features and tools are available for free from the moment or registration.
▪ What’s good to mention is fact that Herpes Anonymous offers to create different special groups of active members. The groups can embrace a city or a country so definitely it’s more like community than dating website.
▪ Searching tool works great and allows you to use different criteria.
▪ Similar to other sites, there are various tools such as blogs and forums where you can express yourself and have an opinion, however it seems not that updated and active anymore. There’s a lack of new posts.

Herpes Anonymous is a website free of charge. There’s no hidden costs and all features are instantly unlocked after creating profile. However webmasters are thinking to provide a small fee for new members to launch mobile application and improve the website itself.

There’s no mobile application. You cannot switch PC version into mobile one either.

Registration is simple however there’s a small trick here. You are not allowed to do anything on the page before your profile gets approved. It’s said that profile verification will takes maximum 24 hours but it seems to be much longer. Because of this there are not much active users and honestly Herpes Anonymous seems to be a little dead site.

Safety and Privacy
There’s no clear information given about the safety and privacy. What’s more it takes quite a long time to get your profile verified. We are not sure that all information given here are safe since we could enter forums and blogs without logging in.

Customer Service
There’s some FAQ section and articles available on the blogs. However the latest entrees seem to be from few years ago. An automated e mail box is available as well but it seems nobody replies that often as it’s supposed to be.

Final Verdict
Herpes Anonymous needs an huge improvement and then it has a huge potential to be great and free dating site for people with STDs. So far it’s just more like community with not that many active users, however if you don’t feel like spending money, you can join and try this website yourself.